Billy Casper Golf will manage Forest Hill Field Club

By: February 21, 2015

Billy Casper Golf will manage the private, member-owned Forest Hill Field Club. They will direct club operations, golf and grounds maintenance, membership marketing, staffing and training, member activities, food and beverage, merchandising, golf instruction, public relations, special events and financial management.

Forest Hill Field Club was opened in 1896. The club was designed by A.W. Tillinghast. It is a 8-hole, 6,547-yard, par-71 golf course. Tillinghast was recently inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

It would be interesting to know why don't they explain why should (benefits?; aka value proposition??) we join their golf club? What kind of services do they provide? Why don't they manage and utilize better their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter?

Their is a very big room for improvement. It is a good opportunity Billy Casper Golf to prove their capabilities.