Patrick Cummins and his team won the Knight Golf Tournament

By: May 10, 2015

I rarely write about Indian golf tournament events, but in this case I thought it is worth to write about the Knight Golf Tournament.

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Knight Golf Tournament took place early this week at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club. Patrick Cummins and his teammates Mayukh Ray, Abhikansh Basu and Sanjay Asmera returned with a team total of 53 points in a star-studded field of Kolkata Knight Riders players.


Venky Mysore the CEO and MD of Kolkata Knight Riders said that "Knight Golf was our attempt to organize a KKR golf day at the RCGC to connect with the golfing community and encourage young golfers from Kolkata. By all accounts, it was a huge success and it was particularly great to see a lot of kids coming and enjoying photo opportunities with Kolkota Knight Riders players and interacting with them. We hope to make this an annual event.”