Orizonte Lisbon Golf attracted 11% more Swedish golfers

By: June 26, 2015

To exploit Swedes' natural attraction to Portuguese golf courses, early this year Orizonte Lisbon Golf exhibited in Malmo, Sweden (part of this promotion tour they exhibited in Helsinki, Paris and Scotland as well). Now it seems like that the exhibition was successful. Orizonte Lisbon Golf has experienced a rise of more than 11% in bookings from Sweden so far this year. 


Later this summer Orizonte Lisbon Golf will go to Denmark to the ’Made in Denmark’ golf show in partnership with Caddie Golf Resjer. Personally, I would also go to Germany since Swedish and German golf tourists are the most valuable golf tourists based on their average spending during a golf holiday: above €1,500.


If you think it is worth a try, then there are many interesting packages like the Golf Passport which offers golf visitors to the Lisbon region a 3-round (£109 / €150) and five-round (£169 / €240) option.