Troon introduces “Moments Matter” initiative

By: April 9, 2020

Do you remember when I urged you to create meaningful and memorable moments for your golf club guests and members?

Just as a quick reminder:

Today it is NOT enough to meet customer expectations since you are competing with millions of experiences, plus your customers are really smart and empowered.

You must exceed customer expectations and create a memorable experience.

In my interpretation “defining moments” are both memorable and meaningful. Usually they don’t last long time…maybe a few minutes and rise above the everyday.

Moments Matter initiative by Troon

Troon either accepted what I said in December 2019 or came to the same conclusion and understanding by itself.

Troon: “Moments Matter” Initiative

Troon has just introduced a new guest and member-facing resource titled “Moments Matter” to help Troon-affiliated clubs and their communities stay connected.

Moments Matter resources are available to Troon-affiliated clubs through digital downloads and include:

  • a collection of stories, activities, information and moments that keep us all connected.

Moments Matter content is developed daily by Troon associates and corporate leaders around the world or through Troon partners.

Troon-affiliated facilities may then customize the content to fit their club needs, and then digitally deliver fresh programming to members, guests and followers on a regular basis.

All Moments Matter resource assets fall under three pillars:

  1. Moments to HELP – Through discernible actions, we’re here to help; help members, support staff, serve communities, and assist one another. Examples include associates delivering groceries* to those in need, staff members making face masks for local hospitals and club staff leading local food drives.
  2. Moment to LEAD – Through innovation, communication, and action, clubs focus on serving the needs of members and guests. Examples include adapting to changing situations while serving the social and physical fitness needs of members and guests.
  3. Moments to INSPIRE – Through programming and communication bringing life and inspiration; continuing to fuel the passions for fun. Examples include: Golf lessons, fitness classes, tennis tips and cooking advice, plus entertaining short stories and videos all delivered digitally to communities.

*Rockliffe Hall Hotel, Golf & Spa Resort (UK; not affiliated with Troon) has recently introduced grocery collection point to help distribute the company’s new food boxes to the local community. Rockliffe donated also bedroom toiletries to NHS.

Troon Corporate is also focusing on the program’s help, inspire and lead pillars:

  • Moments to HELP – In an effort to assist Arizonans in need (home state for Troon’s corporate headquarters), Troon is supporting St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix through sales of 2020 Arizona Summer Troon Cards. The program, launched locally on April 2nd, has already raised more than $5,000 for the state’s largest food bank.
  • Moments to LEAD – The Troon Corporate team implemented, and continues to update an online resource guide for club leaders and associates which includes up-to-the-minute health and legislative directives, best practices and messaging templates.
  • Moments to INSPIRE – Troon is providing daily online content from Top 100 golf instructors including complimentary Mon-Fri Facebook live sessions, daily tennis/fitness content from Cliff Drysdale Tennis and culinary content from RealFood Hospitality, Strategy, and Design.
moments matter for golfers

I am really happy that Troon is utilizing a live streaming solution (Facebook Live) to engage with its guests and members.

Live communities are bringing people together for the best reasons, to share, live, learn, and cope. This reminds us that we are not alone.

It will give you a huge opportunity to engage and retain your existing clients (despite the COVID-19) and hopefully to acquire new ones.

Live communities are bringing people together in ways not possible otherwise right now.

Harness user-generated content to engage with….

When so many golf clubs are closed now because of the coronavirus user-generated content is an effective way to continue building your community.

Suddenly these personal contents are becoming the new customer experience. It also humanizes our golf club business.

My tip:

To utilize this new phenomenon we can run for instance a hashtag competition for our golf club members and encourage them to post photos using your services and/or great moments in your golf club.

Collect these pictures and videos and share them via your social media channels with your community.

Your guest and member whose content was reshared by you will feel pride. This could generate another wave of buzz around your brand/golf club.