Why does TrackMan Range technology matters to Hoebridge & Redbourn?

By: July 29, 2020

There are four main sports technology trends that have a significant impact on the golf industry in 2020:

  1. Smart equipment is gaining momentum (see PING‘s & Cobra Golf’s cooperation with Arccos Golf) – golfers also want to track real-time data on their performance.
  2. We are witnessing the digitalization of golf services – it is NOT only because of the COVID-19/coronavirus crisis. But no doubt that contributed to it (e.g. Touchless payment solutions, range ball machines, golf lessons via WhatsApp, etc.). If the technology solutions are used wisely then they can improve the customer and employee experience at your golf club too. It is more fun to work at a progressive, modern golf club than in an old-school one. Digital services will help the PGA Pros to build their own personal brand.
  3. The rise of virtual technology – to help to improve performance by giving close to reality golf course environment during practice. This can be found in TrackMan Range & Toptracer Range.
  4. Internet of Things & sensors – will help you to become a smart, data-driven golf venue. We must identify relevant data, how to create personalized golf experiences for our members and guests.
BGL-Hoebridge-TrackMan Range technology

I thought it is important to share these with you because it will help us to better understand Burhill Group Limited’s investment in Hoebridge Golf Centre (based in Woking, Surrey) and Redbourn Golf Club (near St Albans).

These are the first golf facilities in England to offer TrackMan Range technology at their driving ranges.

Hoebridge Golf Centre, based in Woking, Surrey, features the company’s largest collection of TrackMan Range bays, with a total of 27 bays and two VIP hitting bays.

Redbourn Golf Club, near St Albans, boasts a fully upgraded range of 26 TrackMan fitted hitting bays.

The in-bay monitors, which are the first TrackMan screens to be installed anywhere in the world, display instant shot feedback on ball speed, carry distance, launch angle, and more, allowing users to practice with purpose and learn more about their game.

learning TrackMan Range

TrackMan Range vs Toptracer Range vs Total Range

If I compare the three solutions, it is not so simple to select. I was happy to find the service and management solution in Total Range (Foresight Sports) and TrackMan Range (see MyFacility).

By using TrackMan’s MyFacility you will gain an overview of usage across all products (TrackMan Range & TrackMan Pro). Get real-time data and stats from all bays, create tournaments & leaderboards, and track/compare performance in days, months years.

For many years I was waiting when will Club Car or any golf club add Visage navigation F&B or Pro Shop features or golf lesson booking.

It is also worth thinking about how will you utilize customer data for up-sale (e.g. golf lessons, golf equipment, wellness services) & service personalization.