How homey is the remodeled clubhouse of the Empordá Golf Club?

By: September 2, 2020

I assume many of us have got a certain perception and expectation in what kind of golf clubhouse we would feel delighted, comfortable, and most of all homey.

Here are 5 ideas and concepts that can make a clubhouse experience memorable in 2020. Based on them, I will analyze the remodeled clubhouse of the Empordá Golf Club:

  1. Authenticity: it should have cues from local cultural resonances, site topography, and the building’s architecture;
  2. Impart a sense of luxury & escape that are often associated with premium services and products.
  3. Make people feel homey and comfortable.
  4. Whether the interior design considers: staff needs, workflows, and maintenance aspects (be highly durable & easily maintained & use of timeless materials and color combination).
  5. Utilizing the latest technology to enhance customer & employee experience.
Empordà Golf Club clubhouse restaurant

The new owner’s vision is to offer to their members and guests outstanding sport, culinary, and cultural experiences.

Therefore Empordá Golf Club‘s clubhouse undergone a complete refurbishment over the last 6 months, with its

  • pro shop,
  • golf reception,
  • and newly-rebranded restaurant Terraverda all being given a modern and contemporary new look.

The remodeled golf reception and pro shop have been redesigned to create a more modern, spacious, and light-filled space.

Acclaimed local interior designer Sandra Tarruella and architect Adriana Porta were in charge of redesigning of the restaurant. In the new restaurants will offer from now on

  • sports-oriented and healthy dishes – during the day;
  • in the evening for an array of gastronomic specialties with local and seasonal products created by new head chef Vicenç Fajardo – one of the most prominent chefs in the Girona region.
Empordà Golf Club clubhouse proshop

The refurbishment of the clubhouse is the latest phase of an investment program taking place at the resort this summer and autumn, which includes a major overhaul of its two championship courses – Empordà Links and Empordà Forest – its 86-room hotel and array of lifestyle facilities.

I have not found any information on what kind of technology solutions will they implement as part of the refurbishment program.

Technology & customer experience development

It is good that the Empordá Golf Club has already got a mobile application. I would utilize the following solutions:

Smart fitting room in the pro shop

This could enhance customer engagement and satisfaction since it makes in-store try-on easier. People would feel more comfortable and safe since they don’t have to try such apparels that were tried on before them.

If the Empordá Golf Club would add an AR/VR tool to its mobile app, then it would be a leap forward to enhance the pro shop experience.

The global virtual fitting room market size was 2,28 billion USD in 2018 and projected to reach 10,75 billion USD by 2026.

The popularity of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are driving the demand for 3D virtual fitting rooms.

Interactive, multi-touch restaurant tables

Interactive tables can help you to speed up the service in your clubhouse restaurant and reduce waiter table face time.

Such tables can also help you to offer a new way to interact, entertain, and ordering system.

From my personal experience I know (I ate in the Kajahu restaurant in Budapest) it is much more fun.

Other benefits of interactive tables are:

  • Collecting customer data;
  • Create targeted customer loyalty programs;
  • Capture customer feedback;
  • 3rd party sponsorship Programs;
  • Adapt table behavior to time of day and even day of the week.
  • Dynamic menus and pricing: quickly adapt for special promotions and events.
Empordà Golf Club clubhouse outside look
Messenger marketing

Today WhatsApp is the world’s #1 messenger app with over 2 billion users. Facebook Messenger has got “only” 1,3 billion users. The #3 is WeChat over 1 billion users.

So it makes sense to utilize this communication channel too. Check out what is the most popular messenger app among your guests and members and decide accordingly.

The German Öschberghof is offering table booking via WhatsApp. Of course, you can use it for other purposes. If you need ideas, then drop me an email/message.

To impress today’s guests and members, we should initiate is one-on-one communication. This is just another way to improve the customer experience. Your customers will appreciate that you are managing the customer relationship so close and personal.

My verdict

Based on my sources, the new clubhouse:

  • The interior design imparts premium-feeling;
  • Comfortable;
  • Modern, spacious, and light-filled space;
  • Sports-oriented and healthy dishes;
  • Gastronomic specialties with local and seasonal products created by new head chef Vicenç Fajardo.
  • Could be more homey;
  • I would like to feel more in the design that I am in Spain;
  • Let’s dare to use technologies to enhance customer & employee experience.