How does ICON Management Services fit into Troon’s portfolio?

By: May 17, 2022

In the last four years, Troon is trying to diversify its portfolio and looking for new areas where it can utilize its club business expertise. This is how I explain the acquisitions of Peter Burwash International and Cliff Drysdale Management, the US’ largest racket sports management company.

Thus, I was not surprised when Troon announced the acquisition of ICON Management Services.

Lakewood National Golf Club Commander Course Icon Management Services

The ICON Management Services is a Florida-based golf, tennis, amenity, and community association management company that was founded in 2007.

ICON Management Services began as a golf course management company and has grown into the management of country clubs, recreational amenities, and homeowners associations across Florida and beyond.

The company currently manages

  • 18 golf courses,
  • 52 communities,
  • 60 HOAs as well as
  • 19 additional amenities/town centers.

Over the last 15 years, the company has expanded from one property and three employees to nearly 100 properties and 1800 team members

Owners and members of ICON Management Services-managed communities, amenities, and club facilities will continue to enjoy all of the support and client services they have come to expect from ICON Management Services, with enhanced support and service from Troon.

With the sale, ICON Founder Dennis Colletti will pursue other interests and will no longer be involved with ICON Management Services or Troon.

Wes Miller will remain as President of ICON. ICON employees will continue in their current positions at their respective communities, amenities, or country clubs where their roles and responsibilities remain the same.