Players 1st Membership Suite of Experience surveys proved to be good for England Golf

By: June 15, 2022

A couple of months ago I shared with you that with Players 1st Member Survey, you give your members the opportunity to voice their opinion about their membership and the services provided by you and your team.

The survey template consists of an array of questions concerning the various touchpoints and service areas within a golf club’s offerings. Examples of service areas in the template are:

  • The course – Club life – Food & beverage – Clubhouse – Practice facilities – Pro shop – Training lessons – Club management Within the survey template, you can toggle touchpoints on/off and create your own questions to suit the needs of your club.

It is very good that Players 1st Membership Suite can also help you to target new members – Entry Survey – who have recently joined the club and former members (‘Exit Survey’).

Response rates in Players 1st average 59% for the Member Experience survey, providing Clubs with experience feedback, both from quantitate questions and open comments.

Players 1st x England Golf cooperation 2022

As England Golf announces a huge rise in the number of golf members – 90,000 in golf club membership – at affiliated clubs, it is no surprise to see the growing interest and uptake from Clubs in relation to the specific retention support through the Membership: Give it a Shot initiative.

Over 200 affiliated Clubs have taken-on the Players 1st subscription as part of the membership retention support being offered to Clubs by England Golf since May 2021.

Thanks to the success of Players 1st service, England Golf has decided to extend the cooperation.

CustomerExperience Players 1st

Matt Draper, Club, County & Membership Senior Manager who oversaw the initial agreement said:

“The feedback we continue to receive from Clubs has been extremely positive, which reinforces the necessity for Clubs to have access to such effective support tools like Players 1st.

Since May 2021, there have been over 28,000 responses to Players 1st experience surveys, enabling England Golf to begin identifying key national and regional trends amongst Clubs, golfer types, and specific service areas, in more detail than ever before, allowing us to support clubs with real-time and vital statistics.

This also means that we are able to deliver relevant national and regional benchmarking opportunities to our Clubs. We are extremely pleased to be able to continue to offer Clubs access to this industry-leading platform.

Players 1st dashboard

Retention marketing matters a lot in 2022

  • Existing customers are likely to have a significantly higher lifetime value than new customers.
  • Repeat customers are easier to sell to.
  • Repeat customers refer 50% more people.
  • Focus on the emotional needs of customers and bring happiness, hope, and escapism to their lives. This, in turn, will strengthen their emotional engagement with your golf club.
  • Improve the end-to-end customer experience by leveraging MarTech (e.g., CRM, CMS, and AI). At the same time, think about how to engage and retain your best employees.

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