What would you improve on The Manor House golf course?

By: November 21, 2022

We do not hear often criticisms or complaints about The Manor House golf course. I only heard of such remarks as the distance between some of the greens and tees or the size of the bunkers or the routing of certain holes. But that’s it.

Officials at The Manor House have announced a further period of course investment, with a major sustainable bunker renovation project among the improvements being made.

The Manor House Golf Club Course

Greener by design, The Manor House is introducing BunkerMat technology on the majority of its 80 bunkers to improve sand retention on the steep slopes. The open structure of the BunkerMat fibers allows the sand to be held, and the technique has been introduced on several championship courses worldwide.

Geofabrics the manufacturer of BunkerMat says

“BunkerMat is a three-dimensional matting that is laid on the steep and complex shaped sides of bunkers. The open structure of the fibres in BunkerMat traps the sand to keep bunkers in a good playable condition.

BunkerMat is also a filtration barrier which limits the migration of fines from the subsoil rising to the base of the bunker and contaminating the bunker sand, making them unplayable.

The advantages of BunkerMat are

  • Minimizes sand contamination;
  • Minimizes bunker face erosion;
  • Reduces sand thickness required;
  • Reduced maintenance required;
  • UV stabilized for durability.
The Manor House Golf Club 8th hole with bridge

If I were The Manor House I would use EcoBunker for these reasons:

  • EcoBunker Advanced haulage costs are typically 38% lower.
  • Better performance in cold climates.
  • You will be able to build a higher and steeper wall.
  • Efficient use of materials.
  • EcoBunker Advanced provides an extra factor of safety.

Work has already begun on holes on the front nine of the course – which was designed by Peter Alliss and Clive Clark – with plans to continue the work on the back nine at the 6,500-yard parkland course heading into the new year.

Other improvements at The Manor House

The Manor House’s greenkeeping team has also recently completed a project to help prevent erosion on the bank of the greenside lake of the second hole.

Repurposing rock originally removed from the ground to create the course irrigation lake, the bank has been reinforced and given a stunning finish to ensure the part of the course is in play for years to come.

The course improvement plan continues a year of investment at the venue and a continued push towards being as carbon friendly as possible, including the installation of 160 solar panels on the greenkeepers’ equipment store and clubhouse to help power a new fleet of 50 state-of-the-art buggies.

A new Gambetti sprayer has also been purchased by the club for turf care purposes.

The Manor House Golf Club clubhouse from waterfall