How is Players 1st responding to the growing off-course participation trend?

By: March 16, 2023

In October 2022, I highlighted that those golf clubs who understand the importance of investing in driving range experience and do not only look at the cost side of this investment can answer at least three business challenges at the same time:

  1. By improving the driving range experience, we can attract even “armchair golfers” and non-golfers too by utilizing driving range technology solutions like those mentioned above.
  2. Help you to relieve the overcapacity of your golf course too.
  3. A new source of revenue: extra F&B revenues.
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Meanwhile, we can see a growing popularity of off-course activities. The National Golf Foundation’s latest Graffis Report found that

  • on-course participation in golf increased by 2% from 2021 to 2022, off-course participation in the game rose by 13% in that same time period.
  • For the first time ever, the total number of people engaged in off-course participation (27.9 million) surpassed those who play on the course (25.6 million).

I am very happy to see that more and more golf clubs see customer experience and support as growing priorities. We must give golfers the ability to be truly seen and heard, to be treated not as transactions but as the valued customers they are.

Don’t forget golfers have got almost zero patience for bad experiences!

As far as I know, 59club has got a customer satisfaction survey template for driving ranges / golf academies, but Toptracer does not offer (yet) customer experience measurement for its Toptracer Range.

I just discovered that Players 1st offers a customer experience measurement solution for driving ranges using TrackMan Range technology. Here are the details!

CX_KPIs_Players 1st

Players 1st & TrackMan partnership – details

Players 1st and TrackMan have launched a brand-new integration to collect feedback from customers and players at driving ranges that use the TrackMan Range technology.

The solution will enable driving range operators to automatically survey their driving ranges visitors – and collect real-time feedback to optimize their business.

To succeed in customer experience measurement real-time measurement has got huge importance. This can help you – as a Head Pro or owner – to make quick changes to ensure your customer has an optimal experience.

Most of us receive tons of online surveys from various places. After a certain amount, it can be boring or even annoying for customers. This is why I believe that the real-time data collection approach can help reduce your customers’ survey fatigue.

You will be a winner if you will have the ability to modify a golfer’s customer experience WITHIN the journey itself. Thanks to the recent improvements in technology and data integration it is not a mission impossible.

Kenneth Pedersen, Head of Product at TrackMan says

“With the new integration between TrackMan and the Players 1st platform, we now provide driving
range operators an avenue to reach thousands of customers every year seamlessly and automatically; to voice their opinion and share their feedback.

This data is exceptionally powerful and we, at TrackMan, are delighted to get the information in the hands of the range operators that work with our technology every day.”

The new integration will be made available for TrackMan-powered driving ranges worldwide and be accessible for TrackMan Ranges in the United Kingdom starting today (16/03/2023).