Would Trump Turnberry’s new ‘Stay Longer and Save’ package impress you?

By: April 5, 2023

I am sure you also looking for uplifting vibes and moments of joyful distraction to pamper yourself. An Instagram study found recently that the number of conversations about indoor golf grew by 153%.

One of the latest trends in the hospitality industry is the ‘Transformation Economy’. So far we have talked about the ‘Experience Economy‘, which means that customers buy experiences.

Now we have to focus more on the ‘Transformation Economy’ where experiences are elevated from mere enjoyment to actual personal transformation.

This means that resorts like Trump Turnberry have to demonstrate how they can help transform guests through travel and golf experiences. At the same time, hyper-personalization should not be neglected.

In the luxury segment, it is even more important.

Trump Turnberry room with golf course view

Beyond hyper-personalization, the flexibility of travel will be a game changer too. By offering no-fee cancellation the luxury golf resort/hotel can demonstrate an understanding of constantly changing government travel guidelines and new lifestyles.

Do not forget to offer micro-golf trips too. Your guest will be really impressed by you.

According to a report by ARC, the global luxury travel market should increase to $8460 million by 2024, compared to $5200 million in 2019. 

After that, let’s see what Trump Turnberry‘s new ‘Stay Longer & Save’ package contains!

Trump Turnberry tower

Trump Turnberry‘s new ‘Stay Longer & Save’ package

Trump Turnberry guests can bask in their own private quarters for incredible value thanks to a new ‘Stay Longer and Save‘ offering.

Visitors staying in the resort’s self-catering accommodation will save 10% on their nightly rate when booking trips of 3 nights or longer. Rates start from 450 GBP/night.

These staycation breaks balance the independence of a true adventure holiday with all the splendor of Trump Turnberry and its facilities.

Trump Turnberry’s self-catering accommodation options are the perfect base from which to explore the stunning Ayrshire coast.

With the resort’s 800-acre grounds on the doorstep, guests can try their hand at a wide range of outdoor pursuits with Turnberry Adventures, an extensive program of expert-led activities.

Trump Turnberry Turnberry Adventures

From kayaking to horse riding, there are countless ways to traverse the surrounding countryside, while thrilling sessions in archery, falconry, and more are also available.

Among the resort’s self-catering options are picturesque two-bedroom cottages and luxurious apartments, each with fully equipped living, kitchen, and dining areas, giving your party complete control over every meal.

Meanwhile, Trump Turnberry’s secluded villas are perfect for large groups, ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms and featuring a grand living area and dining table.

For an authentic fine-dining experience, guests still have the option of treating themselves to a meal in one of Trump Turnberry’s three distinct restaurants:

  • 1996,
  • The Duel in the Sun,
  • the Halfway House, and
  • The Grand Tea Lounge.