How does Quinta do Lago automate online tee time bookings to improve efficiency?

By: May 22, 2023

The tour operator sector is probably the most behind technologically. A recent survey by Arival of more than 3,500 businesses found that more than half of day tour operators are still not using an online booking system. This is not efficient for either party.

Really great luxury, especially for a golf resort as big as Quinta do Lago to dedicate people to handle golf travel agencies’ tee time booking when this task can be automated.

Quinta do Lago North 8th hole Algarve

Such automation will help to achieve more business value (e.g. saving time, reducing costs, seamless experience with the golf resort as a business partner, etc.) if we combine it with process efficiency. This will also require a cultural change within the organization.

I am expecting golf tour operators and golf resorts will subscribe to digital services that can expand their reach and automate processes

I have listed these insights for you to understand the significance of the fact that Quinta do Lago has started using Zest.Golf B2B tee time booking platform.

With three courses, North, South, and Laranjal, Quinta do Lago manages close to 100,000 visitor rounds every year.

With such huge traffic, it’s really worth thinking about how to speed up and make tee time reservations for golf travel agencies more efficient.

Quinta do Lago South Course 16th hole

It is also interesting to examine automation from the point of view of how to optimize your workforce’s activities.

If you do not have enough people to handle, for instance, tee time bookings of golf travel agencies, then automating tasks is really helpful.

In this case, Zest.Golf technology will streamline the online B2B tee time booking process for Quinta do Lago. As a result of it, the freed-up staff can focus on those tasks where personal, live contact is absolutely necessary for the resort guests.

The Zest.Golf Channel Manager Platform will provide Quinta do Lago with a number of solutions for them to manage the majority of their golf bookings online.

It allows them to create individual booking conditions for the variety of partners they cater for.

On top of that, Quinta do Lago will also implement the Zest payment solution to streamline payments from their different partners, again, reducing risk and improving cash flow. 

Quinta do Lago Resort golf course