How can Golf Genius’ new events marketing toolkit make your golf tournament a huge success?

By: June 19, 2023

It is perhaps not an exaggeration to say that Golf Genius‘ new events marketing toolkit fill a gap in the toolbox of golf tournament organizers.

It will teach you, as Golf Genius Tournament Management premium customers, how to successfully promote your event with the right tools.

Golf Genius_Marketing Toolkit

The events marketing toolkit provides golf facilities with everything they need to

  • Advertise their golf competitions,
  • Corporate events, and society days, whilst still
  • Guaranteeing autonomy over their marketing activities.

Designed with consideration for each stage of the buyer journey, the toolkit provides clubs with a comprehensive suite of assets that can be delivered in a coordinated and systematic fashion to drive awareness, foster interest, and provide a point of action thereafter.

These resources include

  • a short explainer video;
  • customizable templates for social media posts,
  • email newsletters and website banners;
  • a one-page customer inquiry form;
  • as well as a corporate sales brochure for lead capture (=in exchange for the brochure, the person will have to provide his/her contact information).

Over the coming days, Golf Genius premium customers will receive their unique access codes for the toolkit via their dedicated account manager, alongside the appropriate support in using the toolkit’s resources to the best effect.

My Tips

I would add to the Golf Genius events marketing toolkit:

  • Event video templates from Animoto to keep attendees engaged through the entire event lifecycle.
  • A post-event survey template from Players 1st or SurveyMonkey to increase responses and get actionable feedback.

Organizers of golf tournaments should consider whether they have sufficient expertise to execute and manage their online communication efforts effectively.

It is important to avoid random communication regarding your golf tournament or any competition as it can impact the effectiveness of the message. It is advisable to plan communication in advance while also leaving room for any unforeseen events.

If you need any further help on how to maximize Golf Genius‘ brand-new event marketing toolkit, then do not hesitate to contact me: / schedule a call