How can Noteefy automate tee time booking personalization effectively?

By: June 5, 2023

Automated personalization is projected to be one of the most significant e-commerce trends in 2023. It is gaining momentum because it can save time for businesses like golf clubs while still providing customers with an individualized experience.

With automation, golf clubs can scale their operations more easily without incurring significant expenses on additional labor costs.

A prime instance of this can be seen in the solution provided by Noteefy.

Before I proceed with introducing you to Noteefy and its functions, it is important to draw your attention to another trend in e-commerce personalization: contextual personalization.

Contextual personalization uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to pick the right customers for any given message or product/service recommendation.

This can significantly change the way we develop our golf club website.

Noteefy website application resized

Noteefy application

The developers of the Noteefy application recognized 3 pain points in tee time booking:

  • With 20% of all online tee times getting canceled – however – desirable tee times regularly go unfilled, leaving tens of thousands of dollars a year on the table for courses.
  • To find a desirable time (like weekend morning)- golfers must call and refresh endlessly, and operators deal with non-stop inbound calls because current tee sheet management relies entirely on manual processes and luck to find a match between tee sheet availability and golfer’s preferences.
  • Golfers lacked a way to get accurate real-time visibility and awareness into all available times at the courses they love. 

At Noteefy‘s website, golf enthusiasts can specify their preferred playing conditions and receive customized notifications about tee time availability at their favorite golf courses, all free of charge.

Noteefy also provides golfers access to the ‘Virtual Country Club,’ an online forum to socialize with golfers in their geographic area, and a ‘tee time booking concierge’ service at courses Noteefy is strategically partnered with.

Noteefy also lets courses keep all the revenue.

Jake Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO of Noteefy, says

“We give operators “time-based demand management” for their tee sheet, using technology to drive more revenue and a better golfer experience – regardless of what POS software they use.

With Noteefy, the golfer inputs their playing preferences (like day and time range) and is only informed of a course’s availability when the time they want is available – either from cancelation or release.

We’re looking for every golfer’s preferred time in perpetuity, all times 24/7.”

Rich Cessna (GM at Black Gold Golf Club; KemperSports Management) says

“Noteefy makes it convenient for golfers to find and book the tee times they want, especially if the time either isn’t available or hasn’t been released yet.

We saw an immediate decrease in calls and an increase in the top line. Over 600 golfers have used it in the first month, and I am recommending it to all the West Coast KemperSports GMs.”