What is the importance of winning the 2023 Tagmarshal Diamond Awards?

By: November 1, 2023

The subject of pace of play is a recurring topic among golf club managers. This matter can cause considerable inconvenience to golfers who wish to utilize their leisure time to play golf.

It is not a novel concept that individuals are inclined to invest money in activities and experiences that bring them joy.

Given the general consensus on the advantages of managing properly the pace of play within golf clubs, why is it that we do not encounter a large number of success stories pertaining to this area?

2023 Tagmarshal Diamond Awards

Consumer expectations are very high today, and brands must continually work to improve the customer experience. Customers have little patience for bad experiences.

A PwC study found

“Nearly 80% of American consumers say that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help and friendly service are the most important elements of a positive customer experience..”

The professional management of the pace of play is part of the knowledgeable help. It’s crucial to keep an eye on professional awards such as the 2023 Tagmarshal Diamond Awards – where excellence is recognized and celebrated.

I can’t wait to share the invaluable insights and best practices of the winners with you.

2023 Tagmarshal Diamond Awards Diamond Partner 2023-2024

2023 Tagmarshal Diamond Awards – Winners

All Tagmarshal course partners are automatically considered for the awards, but only stellar results are recognized based on performance benchmarks that shift higher each year.

30 top-performing golf courses have qualified for the 2023 Tagmarshal Diamond Awards (since 2019) based on exceptional course performance and levels of on-course service, benchmarked by data.

See them at the bottom of this article.

In addition, a further 150 clubs received 2023 Platinum and Gold Awards based on significant performance improvements, including

  • enhanced player experience with effective pace, flow of play management, and
  • optimization. 
2023 Tagmarshal Diamond Awards Paltinum Partner
Facilities cited in Special Awards categories include:  
  • Top Innovators: The Quarry Golf Club (Fla.), The Golf Club at Bradshaw Farm (Ga.)
  • Best Multi-Course Operators: Pinehurst Resort (NC), Advance Golf Partners
  • Biggest Movers: Hazeltine National Golf Club (Minn.), Glen Arbour Golf Course (Nova Scotia), Wee Burn Country Club (Conn.)
  • Best Newcomers: Terravita Golf & Country Club (Ariz.), Persimmon Ridge Golf Club (Ky.), Concession Golf Club (Fla.), Inshalla Country Club (Wisc.), Tierra Rejada Golf Club (Calif.)
Tagmarshal: Diamond Award winners
  • Ballantrae Golf Club
  • Erin Hills Golf Course
  • Pinegrove Country Club
  • Ballybunion Golf Club
  • Firerock Golf Club
  • Pinehurst Resort 4
  • Bandon Dunes Golf Resort
  • Glen Arbour Golf Course
  • Pinehurst Resort 2
  • Bandon Trails Golf Course
  • Gulf Harbour Yacht & Country Club
  • Serenoa Golf Club
  • Bernardus Golf Course
  • Hackensack Golf Club
  • Sheep Ranch Golf Course
  • Candia Oaks Golf Links – The Oaks
  • Indian Hills Golf Course
  • St. Charles Country Club
  • Canmore Golf & Curling Club
  • Metropolis Country Club
  • St. Andrews Valley Golf Club
  • Concession Golf Club
  • Old MacDonald Golf Course
  • The Golf Club at Bradshaw Farm
  • Country Club at Castle Pines
  • Pacific Dunes Golf Course
  • The Quarry Golf Club Naples
  • Country Club of Charleston
  • Pebble Beach Golf Links
  • Wee Burn Country Club