How should Minthis use its social proofs to fuel sales?

By: November 28, 2023

For a considerable time, I have been underscoring the significance of social proof as a central tool for attaining trust, soliciting interest, and ultimately boosting sales.

In light of this, I will refrain from repeating myself. If you require further insights, I suggest browsing my website and utilizing the search function for “social proof” in the right column.

Minthis Golf Resort thermal suites

The subject that has currently caught my attention pertains to the Minthis luxury lifestyle resort in Cyprus, which has been the recipient of several professional accolades:

  • World Spa Awards: Cyprus’ Best Wellness Retreat 2023
  • World Luxury Spa Awards: Luxury New Resort Spa | Luxury Spa Resort | Luxury Destination Spa
  • Cyprus Wellness Awards 2023: PLATINUM Award for Wellness Center
  • World Golf Awards: Cyprus’ Best Golf Hotel 2023

They expect two more awards, which I can only share next January.

An important matter to consider is how awards and recognitions can be leveraged to increase sales. It is important to note that not all awards hold the same value and utility in boosting sales.

Careful consideration is needed to identify the awards and recognitions that are most effective in this regard.

Minthis Golf Resort Sensory Courtyard

In the following, I will show you 5 tricks that can definitely help you have better results in 2024.

  • Showcase customer testimonials in paid ads: Put customer reviews as the focus of your pay-per-click ads. This use of social proof is particularly effective in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok ads, which all have ample description room for you to do so.
  • Show reviews in email marketing campaigns: Highlight reviews about a specific product/service in your email design, alongside an image of that product and even the customer’s name, if you have permission. 
  • Share case studies about your product —> real estate, golf club membership, for instance. Case studies are great tools to leverage customer success stories to facilitate sales.
  • Run influencer marketing campaigns! Influencer marketing is NOT JUST a top-of-funnel activity (=building awareness) but also an opportunity for conversion. Micro and nano influencers are very important in generating interest and desire. Influencers can be great assets for brands’ affiliate marketing programs. The line between affiliates and influencers is becoming increasingly blurred as influencer platforms integrate with eCommerce. When developing influencer marketing for your golf club or brand (e.g., Minthis), prioritize long-term partnerships over one-off campaigns. This is how you will understand your customers better and build lasting relationships.
  • Show proof of demand. Show how many people would like to join your golf club or, the number of events in your golf club or from how many countries people are coming to your golf resort, etc.
Minthis Golf Resort Monastery and golf course

Creating strong bonds with your audience is the key to establishing lasting brand recognition and loyalty. Building relationships with your customers is crucial to ensure their commitment to your brand.

When it comes to getting people to talk about you, nothing is more powerful than connection. Social proof exists on social media, among friends and family, or anywhere else; a strong connection is the key to sparking conversation and building a lasting reputation.

How do you use your social proofs to boost sales? Share your best practices in the comments!

If you need any help with implementing the ideas mentioned earlier, don’t hesitate to hit me up at or +36 30 279 0054. I’d be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.