How Did Burhill Golf Club Increase Its Pro Shop Sales Revenue By 18%?

By: June 11, 2024

Your marketing and design efforts in the pro shop are pivotal in converting potential customers into buyers and fostering brand loyalty.

In other words, in contemporary retail, the store concept has transcended its conventional role as a mere product display space, with the expectation of spontaneous purchases.

Retailers must meticulously address store design, marketing strategies, customer insight, and the seamless transition from online to physical store environments before a purchase is consummated.

The favorable influence of this aspect on business outcomes is sharply discernible in the instance of Burhill Golf Club.

Burhill Golf Club modernized pro shop

In March 2023, BGL, in partnership with Millerbrown, totally revamped the professional shop at Burhill Golf Club.

The investment in the new retail space and Trackman custom fit studio totaled more than £250k and has been pivotal to a positive shift in retail revenue for the club and wider BGL group.

Burhill Golf Club: Results

Burhill Golf Club’s retail space increased by 33% during the refurbishment, allowing the venue to enhance the shop’s layout and visual merchandising whilst increasing the representation of club-crested apparel and hardware.

Despite three months of closure for refurbishment, the club achieved an 18% sales increase versus 2022 figures.

Group retail trading figures highlight a 9% rise from 2022, well above the industry average.

The Burhill Golf Club Pro Shop offers a case study into Burhill Group Limited’s smart investments to generate more revenue for the business and develop the portfolio further.

The Burhill Golf Club pro shop is the most recent of a string of successful investments from Burhill Group Limited.

They have partnered with expert golf retail and shopfitting company Millerbrown to complete four additional shop refurbishments:

  • Birchwood Park Golf and Country Club,
  • Thornbury Golf Centre,
  • Ramsdale Park Golf Centre, and
  • Wycombe Heights Golf Centre.

A Trackman custom fitting room was also installed at Burhill to complement the Trackman custom studio already implemented at Hoebridge Golf Centre.

My comments

At first glance, the renewed pro shop at Burhill Golf Club appeared elegant. Yet, it struck me that incorporating more organic shapes could improve its appeal.

Think of curves, swoops, waves, circular elements, and other shapes you might find by looking at nature.

To enhance the ambiance of our golf club, I would incorporate more greenery into the pro shop in 2024, such as living walls, indoor gardens, and nature-inspired color palettes.

Share your ideas in the comments!