If something is good, it sells itself!

By: April 25, 2013

Adidas Golf has good reason to be happy in these days. Since the foundation of the company in 1999, the first part of 2013 was the highest sales period in the life of adidas Golf.

According to Golf Datatech, adidas Golf became No.2 footwear family (dollar share, on/off course) in the US. The company holds the same position in the UK with 25.6% market share with the new adizero tour leading the field at nearly 13% alone (source Golf Datatech, dollar share, on/off course). In Japan, adidas Golf leads with a 30% market share and adizero tour ranking third among all footwear models.

Today, the most important market for adidas Golf not by chance is Asia (US is only the 2nd most important market). Just like in global economy, China (China's GDP will grow 6-8% vs. UK and US where only 1-2% – according to IMF's forecast regarding 2013) will have decisive role in influencing the future of golf before the end of this decade. We will be less US centered.

Adizero by Adidas Golf