How Titleist is fighting for more forgiving irons?

By: September 8, 2013

In two months (November 8., 2013)Titleist will launch officially many new irons:

  • AP1 and AP2 (714 Series) irons;
  • CB and MB irons (714 Series).

I think from golfer point of view the new AP1 and AP2 irons are more interesting. 

Titleist R&D utilized in these new irons (AP1 and AP2 irons) tungsten weighting. Titleist's aim is to come up with the most forgiving irons in the game. They claim AP1 irons are the longest, most forgiving irons Titleist ever made. The new irons debuted on the PGA Tour this summer by Jordan Spieth (winning John Deere Classic with the new AP2 irons) and Jason Dufner (he also played with AP2 irons).

Titleist 714_AP1_5_Cutaway_Hero_wLinesTOE__1599x2100_300_RGB
Tungsten is an interesting material. It is known as the best material for this significant role of golf club balance weight. Tungsten is a pretty hard material. It is not completely new in the golf equipment industry (e.g. Callaway Great Big Bertha Titanium Irons). I assume the tungsten weighting is the blue in the photo above. 

Titleist R&D team head a great challenge how to provide more forgiveness to these new irons: making the head bigger (but in this case they have to give up control —> who would like to give up control?? not me that is for sure!) or to increase the density of tungsten. Titleist believes in higher density of tungsten. On average there are over 40 grams of tungsten in the long and mid irons (#3-7), which is around 20% of the total head weight.

AP1 irons have a MAP of $100 per club (steel shaft) and $125 per golf club (graphite). AP2 irons have a MAP of $137.50 (steel) and $161 (graphite) per golf club. CB and MB irons will be similar price as the AP1 and AP2 irons.

Now only our wallet can impose limit to buy these new Titleist irons. 🙂