The new Mizuno MP-4 irons are coming

By: September 1, 2013

As I wrote in my previous post about TaylorMade, dollar and unit sales of irons in May were the highest since June 2008 (unit sales) and May 2007 (dollar sales) according to Golf Datatech. For the month, iron sales totaled more than $72.4 million on more than 950,000 units sold (a 6.8% increase in units and 9.5% gain in dollars compared to May 2012).

I've got an impression that despite of the proven results of Mizuno golf clubs, we hardly hear about them in the golf media. Tell me if I am wrong!!

In September 9, Mizuno will launch its new Mizuno MP-4 irons.

Mizuno has to do something to become part of a average golf like me, but also for tour players's consideration list. In other words, the general impression of golfers about Mizuno is that their golf clubs are pricy. Not to mention that it does not look like very forgiving. The suggest retail price of MP-4 irons is $999.99 (in the UK: £120)!!! 

Mizuno MP-4 irons

Mizuno says that the new Mizuno MP-4 irons are designed to deliver a longer, softer sense of impact for unparalleled playability in the long irons and maneuverability in the short irons.

The new Mizuno MP-4 irons includes the well-known Mizuno technologies like:

  • H.I.T. (Harmonic Impact Technology) for precise control of vibration frequencies at the point of impact;
  • VMT (Variable Muscle Thickness) measured to create a consistent height in the sweetspot for easier workability in the short irons and optimal launch trajectory in the long irons.
  • Tour-proven sole design, also featured in past models, offers subtle relief areas with a rounded leading edge and cambered trailing edge to ensure perfect turf interaction.