Let’s start 2015 with Big Bertha Alpha 815 fairway woods and hybrids!

By: January 2, 2015

In November Callaway Golf launched its Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver. Now the Big Bertha Alpha 815 golf club family is complementing with fairway wood golf clubs and hybrid golf clubs. 

Big Bertha Alpha 815 Fairway Woods are $299 each, and Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrids are $249 each. They will be available at golf retailers nationwide (US) and onwww.callawaygolf.com on January 16, 2015.

Big-bertha-alpha-815-fwy-sole-b-2014-5x7 (2)

Big Bertha Alpha 815 Fairway Woods

Callaway Golf added 3 gram and 30 gram weights to the fairway wood golf clubs to lower spin or adjust launch.Lower spin when the weight is in the forward position, and more forgiveness with higher launch when the weight is back. The OptiFit systems allows 8 way adjustability for loft and lie angle. Lofts: 14*, 16*, 18*.

Just like in the Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver, we can find forged composite crown to save weight as well.


Big-bertha-alpha-815-fwy-face-2014-5x7 (2)

Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrids

The new Big Bertha Alpha 815 hybrids are more focused on ball speed, penetrating trajectory and of course on adjustability. There’s speed all across the face, with controlled ball flights and less spin from a Center of Gravity that’s low and forward.