Wilson Staff is launching the softest golf ball: 29 compression

By: January 8, 2015

Back in last December, I wrote about Callaway Golf's new Chrome Soft golf ball with compression 65. Now Wilson Staff is rising the stakes when they are launching their new 29 compression DUO and its companion product, the 35 compression DUO Spin, build on the original 40-compression DUO ball. In 2014 DUO was the number one selling distance ball in the off-course channel (source: Golf Datatach). 


This means Wilson Staff will have the softest golf balls available in all 3 categories – 2-piece, 3-piece and urethane. The official launch will be on January 24th. There is no information about how the new DUO golf balls (from MAP: $19.99) will be able to avoid losing speed and resilience.

This battle for/over the title who have the softest golf ball reminds me when we talked in 2013 about spiked vs spikeless golf shoes. In those days it was not clear if the golf society will adopt spikeless shoes or not as we doubted their performance.


So here is the promise of Wilson Staff: 

The new DUO golf ball is 25% softer than the original DUO and longer in distance, this newly formulated 2-piece golf ball (the above mentioned Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is a 3-piece golf ball) provides low driver spin, extra yardage and special soft feel to the Distance (D) player.

DUO Spin version (MAP: $26.99):

It is a multilayer golf ball with similar distance and low compression characteristics that we can find also find in the DUO, but with more greenside spin. The DUO Spin at this moment is the World’s Softest Multilayer Ball. Wilson Staff told me that DUO Spin is designed for the Control (C) player who wants that greenside workability and spin but still prefers ultimate feel and lower driver spin for added forgiveness off the tee.


WS_DUOSpin_12BallThe 3rd version from the new DUO golf balls is the FG Tour Urethane, which at 70 compression is the Softest Tour Ball (at this moment). It is already available: MAP: $44.99.

Targeted for more advanced Feel (F) players. It is a 4-piece golf ball. It is designed for optimal performance. Its rubber-rich core provides feel and low driver spin; both mantle layers promote maximized velocity, and the cast urethane cover generates tour-quality spin and control around the greens.