Who could be the ideal brand ambassador for Bunker Mentality?

By: February 22, 2015

I have just heard that Bunker Mentality is looking for somebody who could represent their brand in 2015. They are looking for an ardent golfer. If you think you are a golf addict then compare yourself with Bunker Mentality's requirements:

  • golf is always on your mind + you play golf every day of the year;
  • dreamer who have holed the winning Open put a hundred times in their head.

What do you think can you meet such expectations?

If you can, then you have good chance to be the brand ambassador of Bunker Mentality for 2015. The selected golfer will receive the chance to buy £500 worth of Bunker gear for £250, a 20% ambassador discount and an ambassador profile on the Bunker Mentality website where you can publish blogs about your golfing adventures throughout the year.

Ambassador launch

I don't think this is the right promotion mechanism to promote Bunker Style. I would rather follow the example of Volkswagen 'Polotag' social test drive campaign (by Ogilvy CapeTown), where people had to spot the branded Volkswagen Polo Tag vehicle across 3 major cities in South Africa, tweet @VolkswagenSA the car’s location and then you stand the chance of being able to take it for a test drive right then and there. 

Such promotion mechanism is more likely to generate awareness and engagement among potential customers than giving products on discounted prices and asking to write blog posts. We should fish where the fish are! I don't understand why it is good for Bunker Mentality to run blog posts on their website instead on their Facebook page…

Other interesting approach is Australian Tourism's “Best Job in the World” that was based on Tourism Queensland's previous similar campaign concept.