Review: My Zepp Golf experience

By: March 22, 2015

The implementation and set up of Zepp Golf is really easy. I might say it is no-brainer. Then came the tricky part when the mobile application (users must first download Zepp Golf's mobile application) started to ask me such questions that I have not thought about it (e.g. define your performance goals = My swing goals: tempo, backswing position, club plane, hand plane; Clubhead speed: driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron, wedge). This can be confusing when somebody is not a golf swing addict or expert.

My other challenge was how can I start a new golf swing measurement. It was not straight forward, but after couple of turning on and off the app I found it out.


Here are the good things:

  • You can provide your golf club model, but how frequently will Zepp Golf update this database?
  • Summary of my stats – although it would be great to understand better the figures (e.g. most starred club or swingscore etc.)
  • Pro-players educational videos (e.g. Keagan Bradley, Brendan Steele);
  • Lab reports menu shows how far I am from the goals I set up at the beginning.
  • You can play in group. So you can compare your results with your friends.
  • If you don't like your performance stat, then you can simply delete it. When you like it you can share it with your friends.
  • Usage of free mobile app vs connecting with a website. See my review of Arccos Golf vs Game Golf.

Nevertheless I have some doubt about the accuracy of Zepp Golf. As you can see in the photo above how I put it on my glove this causes my doubt about the accuracy.