Should Glenmuir continue to be an Official Ryder Cup Licensee?

By: September 14, 2015

After the successful 2014 Ryder Cup (at least for the Europeans) Glenmuir has been selected again as Official Ryder Cup Licensee for the 2016 and 2018 matches. This is a good news for this 125 years old golf apparel brand. Glenmuir is not a new sponsor. Glenmuir has supplied with shirts and knitwear for the European Ryder Cup Teams since 1987.

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Is it enough in 2015 to dress a sports team to generate more sales?

It can deliver great visibility, but poor engagement with people on the event. Therefore we should think how can visitors get in connection with the brand (e.g. setting up a lounge where visitors can socialize…it is also opportunity to have a chat with our customers) and can have positive experience.

We should neither neglect such technology solutions to generate active customer engagement like RFID (it was used at the 2014 Ryder Cup), NFC (Near Field Communication) or wearables (wristband is the most popular wearable, e.g. “Ryder Cup Experience Wristband”). Thanks to the Ryder Cup Experience Wristband, there were almost 45,000 interactions with seven companies and nearly 60,000 email addresses were linked to the wristbands.

What is even more straight forward is to engage prospects via the mobile app of the event. Rolex, EY, Johnnie Walker, BMW and Standard Life were visible also on 2014 Ryder Cup’s mobile app. Such brand placement can also drive traffic to the webshop of the brand.

To optimize our sponsorship investment, we should not neglect such niche solutions as SnapChat (it was used during Waste Management Phoenix Open) or Periscope to reach those who cannot attend the event, but would be interested in it.