Glenmuir’s record sales at The 2015 Golf Show at Harrogate

By: October 21, 2015

It was not a waste of money for Glenmuir, Sunderland of Scotland and MacWet to be at The 2015 Golf Show at Harrogate. The company has reported a 20% increase in sales in comparison with their previous best Golf Show week.


Glenmuir has launched at The 2015 Golf Show at Harrogate, their Glenmuir Spring Summer 2016 collection. Glenmuir did not bring big surprises to me. May be among the women skirts: Celestine/Multi Animal Print & Matilda models.

Their design is still classic, simple and low-key. I would use more modern design elements (beyond using 3 contemporary colors) without neglecting Glenmuir’s heritage. It would appeal to a wider circle of customers/golfers.

Another important highlight of the company was the launch of the “Next Generation of Sunderland of Scotland” with the introduction of a Lifetime Waterproof Guarantee also resonated with the customers at the 2015 Golf Show at Harrogate.