How could SkyTrak be more useful and enjoyable?

By: November 12, 2015

What can bring more joy to an avid golfer when he cannot play golf at his golf club for various reasons than enabling him to play in an almost real world condition with his own golf clubs. This is the idea behind the integration of SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor into WGT Golf mobile app. Hereafter, we will be able to play and improve our game virtually on such impressive golf courses such as the Kiawah Ocean Course, Bandon Dunes, Wolf Creek and many others.

WGT Golf integration with SkyTrak includes two game modes for time and practice flexibility:

  • The Closest-to-the-Hole game challenges golfers with nine different approach shots that are scored in proximity to the pin on WGT’s famous courses.
  • Or, golfers can opt for Full Stroke Play on golf courses around the world, with the ability to select different tee boxes, course conditions, green speeds and wind conditions.

We’ve got two options if we would like to use WGT Mobile app’s solutions via SkyTrak:

  1. Limited version: “Game improvement package” where the bonuses are WGT Close-to-the-Hole Challenge + WGT Kiawah Island Ocean Course. The annual fee is £79.
  2. Full version: “Play & Improve package” that includes “Game improvement package” + full access to all of the features of WGT Golf mobile application. The annual fee is £159.95.

SkyTrak is recommended for use with the following compatible iOS products: iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 (with Retina), iPad Mini 3.

My conclusions & questions are below the picture…


I’ve got a feeling that SkyTrak is just pimping up its system with WGT Golf mobile app’s visuals. It would be much more useful development if the golfer could get educational videos (see Zepp Golf‘s general educational videos) based on his performance stats.

I am not sure, that the integration of the WGT Golf mobile app will have significant impact on purchase decision. At the very same time, it would be good for SkyTrak if they could promote their launch monitor solution to WGT Golf mobile app’s 14 million users. From a WGT Golf perspective, it is more about image building than generating more app downloading.

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