Srixon Z Swing Analyzer is the new purchase support solution

By: November 6, 2015

Swingbyte is not new to Srixon / Cleveland Golf.  In March 2015, was launched Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer powered by Swingbyte. So it seems to me Swingbyte lived up to the expectations of Srixon / Cleveland Golf and now they simply add Swingbyte also to Srixon. Unlike in the case of Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer here we get Swingbyte 2.0 (I will explain below what are its the pros and cons).


We can consider Srixon Z Swing Analyzer as a decision support solution that help to find the right Z Series driver and iron set for our game.

The related app’s proprietary formula analyzes more than 12 key variables, such as swing path, efficiency and attack angle. As the result of the analysis, we get a Swing Action Score and the ideal Srixon Z Series golf clubs.

Srixon Z SWING ANALYZER FITTING SYSTEM_ScreenFew words about Swingbyte 2.0:

The user gets an upgraded device. This version of Swingbyte is still easy to set up and the application itself walks you through a step by step of the setup instructions. The device will actually notify you that it needs to auto calibrate, you simply lean the club against something so that it is still and tap ‘ok’, the app does all the rest. It is also good that we don’t have to ‘record’ every single swing.

Swingbyte improved its rubber strap, so now device slipping and strap breaking are not an issue anymore. For those who need a 3D swing analysis they will be disappointed as they will get only all about the club path itself.

When we want playback our swing, then we have the option of selecting different viewpoints to see our swing from 3D, Overhead, Face On, Down the Line. We can even manipulate them as far as zoom and manually adjusting the angles.

What is also important to note, that don’t expect from Swingbyte 2 to be as accurate as Trackman or Foresight. However Swingbyte 2 now is able to give us very close data. I think you can use this information for a baseline analysis. 

One significant drawback is that without access to actual ball flight information, the shot shape representation is merely a simple estimation. I think most of us don’t have patience to analyze his golf swing performance frequently, so this estimation is not a big issue.

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