What should be the Golf Pride customer experience like?

By: December 15, 2015

In recent years (10) I see a constant power shift from marketers to buyers/customers. Due to the changes, the trust is less relevant as it one was. The Baby Boomers was the 1st generation that questioned on an institutional level ‘The Trust’ while ‘Generation X‘ did the same, but on the individual level.

Why Millennials are important for our business?

If this still not challenging than it will be useful to know that Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000; approximately 80 million Millennials are just in the US and they spend around $600 billion according to Accenture) don’t trust anything except the people they know (e.g. PGA Professional). Hence, the usage of social brand advocacy and word-of-mouth is really important.

Millennials will be by 2020 a very important and valuable shoppers. They are likely to dominate for the next 50 years.

Millennials golfers

At the very same time, customer experience is gaining momentum. The above-mentioned Millennials are very keen to help companies in product development. They want to be an active part of co-creating products. The very same generation likes “showrooming“, namely go to a shop to see the product and after that, they go home to buy the product at the best price.

This is why I am missing at Golf Pride is a mobile application that would not only help PGA professionals and pro-shop managers to recommend the ideal golf grip type, but also regular golfers. So the first mobile application could be a grip fitting mobile application with extra features like “Find a retailer”.

Utilizing mobile technology and wearables can help win back Millennials who gave up playing golf. According to the National Golf Foundation, in the last 20 years, there has been a 30% decrease in participation among 18 to 34-year-old Millennials.

I think Jonathan Neal, Golf Pride’s first global marketing manager will have to find solutions to the above-mentioned phenomenon. Jonathan Neal will oversee Golf Pride’s marketing activity as it relates to new products, integrated marketing communications and Tour support. He will be reporting directly to global sales and marketing director, Brandon Sowell.

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