Can you wait 22 days for the new Callaway Epic irons?

By: May 26, 2017

Callaway Golf will launch its new Epic Irons, Epic Pro Irons, Epic Hybrids on June 16th. The new Callaway Golf clubs come with 3 new features:

  1. Next-Generation 360 Face Cup Technology for Longer Average Distance
  2. Exo-Cage for Energy Lensing and Maximum COR (you find this also in Callaway Golf Epic driver)
  3. Multi-Material Standing Wave To Optimize Center of Gravity Location

Callaway Epic irons 2017_middle

The Face Cup incorporates an ultra-thin rim around the perimeter of the inner side of the face. To further improve face performance, Callaway Golf increased the rim’s flexibility by reducing the thickness to 1 mm at its thinnest point, resulting in even faster ball speed on center and off-center hits for more distance.

To improve launch and trajectory, Callaway added an incredibly high amount of MIM’ed (=Metal-Injected Molding) tungsten (over 664 grams in the set) into their Internal Standing Wave technology.

The relatively heavy tungsten allowed them to control the head’s internal weighting so that they could give each individual iron its own optimized CG location. They said they coud better control the left-right CG positioning in tandem with the hollow hosel that creates weight savings. This is an expensive alloy to manufacture, but it’s integral to enhancing performance in the Epic Irons.

The multi-material head consists of a variety of premium components, each precision-milled and robotically laser welded to give Callaway engineers precise control over CG location, COR, MOI and vibration control, with maximum structural integrity.

Epic Irons

  • Pricing: $250 per iron (steel), $280 per iron (graphite)
  • Product at Retail: 6/16
  • Available Lofts: 3-iron through SW

Epic Pro Irons

  • Pricing: $250 per iron (steel), $280 per iron (graphite)
  • Product at Retail: 6/16
  • Available Lofts: 3-iron through AW

Epic Hybrid

  • Pricing: $279.99 each
  • Product at Retail: 6/16
  • Available Lofts: 2H – 5H

Callaway Epic irons 2017_full