The LPGA will not have an issue with the new Glenmuir Collection

By: July 24, 2017

Between us, I don’t really understand the concerns of the LPGA Tour regarding LPGA Tour players’ attire. You might find extreme examples, but most of them are not sexist, but rather sporty and modern. If you select any items of the new Glenmuir’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection, you will be on the safe side for sure.  In the last couple of years, what I saw from Glenmuir were not daring at all. Personally, I appreciate their shirts’ durability and the pleasant feeling after a game on a hot summer day in Hungary.

Glenmuir Spring Summer 2018 Collection Ladies Sunrise

Glenmuir’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection is built upon three color stories. The Tahiti Troon story blends a vibrant Tahiti with Black, Light Grey and a hint of White. Dalmahoy Daiquiri features a daring Daiquiri with Navy, Light Grey, and White. Hebridean Sunrise (see pictures above and below) combines a fresh Sunrise with a crisp Light Grey, White, and Navy.

The most lively and full of vitality is the Hebridean Sunrise color story.

Glenmuir Spring Summer 2018 Collection Ladies Sunrise Spread

Glenmuir is using a unique active functional fabric with moisture wicking yarn delivering thermoregulation, breathability and enhanced freedom of movement. Each of Glenmuir’s sweater is hand knitted by craftsmen with stitches linked manually resulting in a long lasting perfect fit and resilient flat seams. Glenmuir’s 100% merino and lambswool are thermoregulating, hypo-allergenic and breathe naturally.

For the ladies’ collection, the striking new printed sweater g.Arbela is a first for Glenmuir, whilst the bird’s eye pattern on the g.Ceylon and micro-cable on the g.Marsha is elegant and chic options. The g.George featuring Glenmuir signature tartan is introduced in Tahiti and the sumptuously soft and featherlight g.Arlo and g.Edward achieves a refined lifestyle look for the summer months.

New for Glenmuir’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection, the men’s g.Cuthberts made from a lightweight stretch moisture wicking fabric with silicone grip tape at the waist and back pocket to keep your shirt and playing card or glove in place.

Glenmuir Spring Summer 2018 Mens Sunrise Spread

Glenmuir might think that such style can differentiate his collection from such competitors like Cobra Puma Golf or Nike Golf. However, they should think how to appeal to a bigger part of the market (e.g. Millennials who will make up one-quarter of the entire U.K. population by 2019). Not to mention, that we are in the attention economy.

How and why should people pay attention to the new Glenmuir’s Spring Summer 2018 Collection in their golf club’s pro shop?? People will not know from a single glance all the superb features of the shirts, trousers, skirts etc if the design is not eye-catching.

Smart clothing could be a great opportunity for Glenmuir. Wouldn’t be an attractive feature of a Glenmuir shirt that it could broadcast live training data. This could help them to monitor condition and fitness levels. Xenoma‘s e-skin is a good example for such monitoring. I see much bigger potential in smart clothing than in smart watches since they can be more easily part of our life, plus they will be able to give a much precise feedback on our performance.

Currently, smart clothing products‘ global market share is 1% and their growth is expected to be slow.

Under Armour (Health Box), Samsung, Google, OMSignal, Hexo Skin and some others are already working on their smart clothing solutions. The awareness of smart watches is still the highest among wearables.

I am waiting for that golf apparel brand who will come up with the first smart clothing.

Your Turn

What could make Glenmuir more appealing? Do you use any wearable if yes then what?