The 11th generation Srixon Soft Feel golf balls

By: August 8, 2018

In the coming days, I am supposed to receive the brand new Srixon Soft Feel golf balls. Now, I just want to summarize for you the most important facts about the 11th generation Srixon Soft Feel golf ball.

Srixon Soft Feel golf ball lifestyle version white

The 11th generation Srixon Soft Feel is available in Soft White™ and Tour Yellow™ was launched in North America a week ago.

The 11th generation, Srixon Soft Feel golf ball has got:

  • ionomer soft cover,
  • innovative core,
  • upgraded dimple pattern.

The key technologies inside the new Soft Feel include:

  1. Energetic Gradient Growth Core. Soft Feel’s core technology provides a high-launch, low spin trajectory off the tee for added distance with an ultra-soft feel.
  2. Soft, Thin Cover. The softer, thinner cover promotes more greenside spin and a softer feel on all pitches, chips & putts.
  3. 338 Speed Dimple Pattern. The upgraded dimple pattern reduces drag and cuts through the wind for more accuracy and consistency on every shot.

Srixon worked with Golf Laboratories Inc. to conduct independent, outdoor robot testing of the new Soft Feel golf ball against key competitors.

These are the results:

  • The Energetic Gradient Growth Core and new 338 Speed Dimple Pattern provide ideal launch conditions and less drag, which delivers longer driver distance than more expensive ionomer cover competitors. Srixon Soft Feel golf ball’s driving distance is 219.5 yards vs Titleist Tour Soft: 219.1 yards vs Callaway Supersoft: 218.8 yards
  • The Soft Feel stands apart in terms of accurate iron play. The core technology, along with the new aerodynamic dimple pattern, allows the new Soft Feel to cut through any conditions, offering more distance, consistency, and control with your irons.
  • Srixon’s Soft Feel completes its all-around performance, and separates from the competition, with better greenside spin and control. Thanks to the thinner, softer cover, the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball generates more spin on a pitch (4910 RPMs vs Callaway SuperSoft: 4773 RPMs vs Titleist Tour Soft: 4252 RPMs), chips shots than its more expensive competitors.

The Srixon Soft Feel golf ball officially launches in North America on August 1, 2018, at a MAP of $19.99 per dozen.