PowaKaddy: 40% increase in rental units in 2018

By: October 5, 2018

PowaKaddy has just announced details of its electric trolley rental offering for 2019. With its PowaKaddy Rental GPS their intention is to provide golf club professionals and resorts with an even greater opportunity to boost trolley hire revenue.

The GPS rental fleet promises to offer PGA Professionals not only a higher charge-out rate but also a more technologically advanced product that can help increase retail sales.

As well as coming with PowaKaddy’s 36-hole Lithium battery, which is the thinnest and most powerful design on the market, the PowaKaddy Rental GPS also boasts wireless Bluetooth capability which enables PGA Professionals to keep their fleet updated with any course changes.

PowaKaddy recorded a 40% increase in rental units in 2018, with numerous clubs and resorts across the UK and Europe experiencing a surge in revenue generated through electric trolley loans.

Moortown Golf Club in Leeds has seen a 25% increase in revenue in the first two months.

PowaKaddy is promising these benefits:

  • Double your investment in just two months
  • An exciting rental option with GPS built into one super-intelligent handle
  • A higher charge-out rate to members and visitors
  • Two-year transferable warranty
  • A ‘try before you buy’ option to help increase retail sales
  • A quicker speed of play allowing more rounds to be played
  • Increased customer satisfaction for members and visitors

I miss after-sales services from this list. I neither found any mention of PowaKaddy Rental GPS on their website.

PowaKaddy Rental Carts

PowaKaddy Rental Carts & The Borrowers

Access, not ownership is a new consumer attitude. Those who share this view think this gives them more flexibility and freedom.

This signals to me that experience is more important to them than possessions. This attitude has characterized the buying habits of Millennials for the last few years, is a trend that continues to evolve and spread.

Baby Boomers generation like it as well as they like to downsize and simplify their life.

For similar considerations, people enjoy renting golf equipment during their golf holidays. The possibility to gain bigger convenience is a great motivator among our customers.