How Callaway boosted the performance of the new Big Bertha irons?

By: November 29, 2018

Two years ago Callaway Golf has launched the Big Bertha OS irons. These irons feature a new clubhead construction, called the Exo-Cage, that promotes more distance in an entirely new way + the 360 Face Cup Technology.

In May 2018, Callaway Golf has launched the Callaway Rogue Pro Black Irons. I highlighted these to find innovation trends at Callaway Golf.

Callaway Golf Big Bertha irons

The new features of Callaway golf Big Bertha irons

The Big Bertha  franchise started with Big Bertha Irons in 2014 led by Callaway Golf’s 360 Face Cup technology and continued in 2016 with Big
Bertha OS Irons led by their EXO-Cage.

These are the novelties in the Big Bertha irons:

  1. The Suspended Energy Core featuring a revolutionary core design that delivers: 1) incredible sound and feel; 2) long, consistent distance; and 3) easy launch. Callaway Golf claims that it is a construction that’s never been achieved before in a golf club. The Suspended Energy Core is the engine of the new Big Bertha irons.
  2. Metal Injection Molded (MIM’d) Tungsten Floating Weight (Tungsten weighting already exists in the Callaway Rogue Pro Black Irons) suspended within our proprietary urethane microsphere material. Suspending the floating weight allows us to position the Center of Gravity deeper using a 3-piece iron construction. Now we can create higher launch while allowing a thinner, faster Face Cup construction. That combination promotes distance-enhancing launch conditions we’ve never been able to achieve before in an iron that’s also extremely easy to hit.
  3. Smoked PVD Finish. Available with new Recoil ESX, Recoil ZT9, and KBS Max 90 shafts.

Other important product information:

  • Pricing: $1,200 – Steel, $1,300 – Graphite
  • Stock Set: 4- AW
  • Product Intro Date: 11/13/18
  • Product At Retail Date: 1/18/19