What is the weight of the new Wilson Staff D7 driver?

By: January 15, 2019

I know some of you don’t hold Wilson Staff golf clubs in high esteem. However, I believe in the last 4-5 years Wilson Staff improved a lot.

So, Wilson Staff is launching in these days its new Wilson Staff D7 driver.

The Wilson Staff D7 driver ($299.99) will be available for purchase on Wilson.com and at golf retailers on Monday, 21st January 2019.

2019-Wilson Staff D7 driver-Hero

The new Wilson Staff D7 driver will arrive along with the previously mentioned Wilson Staff D7 irons, woods, and hybrids.

I was surprised to find that the club head weights just 192 grams.

I found 3 interesting feature/element in the new Wilson Staff D7 driver:

  1. RE-AKT Technology
  2. [K]omposite Crown Design, the D7 crown features a layer of Dupont Kevlar ® between carbon fiber to neutralize vibration. Kevlar is a 50 years old brand of Dupont.
  3. Dynamic Launch Control strategically positions internal weights in each head to aid different swing speeds. The 9.0 degree for players with a fast swing speed with weighting forward in the head for lower launch and spin; the 10.5 for those with a moderate-to-fast swing speed with weighting in the middle of the head for a higher launch and spin, and the 13.0 is perfect for a slow-to-moderate swing speed with weighting further back and towards the heel for the highest launch and spin rate with a draw bias.
2019-Wilson Staff D7 driver-Resting

Wilson Staff D7 driver – availability

  • with the new UST-Mamiya Helium Series shaft that’s played on Tour. Lightweight with extreme stability, the shafts options are available in A-flex (45 grams), R-flex (46 grams) and S-flex (57 grams).
  • The new Wilson Staff MicroLite Lamkin grip maintains a traditional feel in a super lightweight construction.
2019GF-Wilson Staff D7 driver-Driver-3