Ecco Golf Street 10 & the realization of the hybrid revolution

By: March 19, 2020

In 2013 I said that it is a question of time that spikeless golf shoes will be a very important segment among golf shoes. This seems to be proven by the success of Ecco Golf.

Ecco Golf has just unveiled ECCO GOLF STREET 10, paying homage to the 10-year anniversary of the hybrid revolution sparked by Ecco Golf and ambassador, Fred Couples, who famously wore the original GOLF STREET shoes at The 74th Masters Tournament in 2010.

Fred Couples did not win the tournament (Phil Mickelson won it).

Ecco Golf Street 10 step out of the sand trap

As we look backward, we can say the Ecco Golf concept is a real game-changer. The original GOLF STREET was born from the simple notion that a golf shoe can be so much more than just a golf shoe.

Ecco Golf Street 10 surviving even the bunkers

Ecco Golf Street 10 – the new & old features

Many of the shoes in the current Ecco Golf collection, including GOLF STREET 10, still rely on the award-winning ECCO DYNAMIC TRACTION SYSTEM (E-DTS) all-day hybrid outsole design, which featured in the original GOLF STREET.

A special edition shoe which is only available at selected retail and ECCO e-commerce sites, Ecco Golf Street 10 honors the iconic original hybrid design with a contemporary set of key features, including:

  • The introduction of all-new midsole material, PU PHORENE, signifies a giant leap in ECCO’s FLUIDFORM process. With superb softness, increased shock absorption and rebound, the dynamic comfort that has always been at the heart of ECCO design and technology is pushed to an all-new level.
  • The award-winning ECCO DYNAMIC TRACTION SYSTEM (E-DTS) hybrid outsole design that provides more than 100 traction bars and 800 traction angles for excellent grip in all playing conditions.
  • Varnishing details that pay tribute to the 10-year anniversary of the original GOLF STREET design, including bronze detailing on the lace ends and two eyelids, a ‘HYBRID 10’ logo in bronze screen print on the heel and a commemorative shoe box and key ring
Ecco Golf Street 10 closer look a lifestyle photo

The leather uppers, made in ECCO-owned tanneries, are crafted from ECCO FLUFFY PEBBLE NAPPA, a tumbled, full-grain, pebbled Nappa leather (also in the new Ecco S-Three golf shoes) with an aniline finish and a plush, silky touch.

By treating the uppers with ECCO-developed HYDROMAX®, the leather stays strong and durable, keeping feet dry and comfortable with enhanced breathability.

Ecco Golf Street 10 is crafted at company-owned factories that utilize FLUIDFORM™ technology to bond the upper and outsole unit, creating a one-piece shoe without the use of glue or stitching.

Benefits include flexibility, durability and a lightweight construction.