Don’t confuse the Wilson Staff Model golf balls with the Easter eggs!

By: April 24, 2020

To ease our unpleasant feelings caused by the coronavirus I share with you Wilson‘s latest offer.

The new Wilson Staff Model golf balls are designed for advanced players and to provide the distance, spin, and control lower handicap golfers seek in their game.

Wilson Staff Model golf balls in Baller Box

The new Wilson Staff Model golf ball features a 4-piece construction that delivers higher velocities for maximum distance and ideal spin for ultimate control and feel on approach shots when attacking the green.

Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation said

“Featuring a thinner cover and harder core, the Staff Model ball provides higher spin rates on iron shots and holds the maximum allowable initial velocity based upon USGA conformance for a more impressive velocity than traditional urethane covered balls.”

The 362-dimple pattern and cast-urethane cover provide golfers ultimate control and tour-level spin on iron and wedge shots. The hard, ionomer outer mantle and high CIS polybutadiene core deliver increased ball speeds for impressive distance.

The Wilson Staff Model golf ball also possesses a HPF inner mantle to help give players the soft feel and maximum spin.

Finished with a modern Staff Model stamp, the all-new premium golf ball joins the Staff Model family of products designed for elite golfers.

Wilson Staff Model golf balls will be available for pre-order exclusively on as part of the new Baller Box subscription program starting Monday, April 20.

Wilson Staff Model golf balls example