For the 2020 Masters Tournament: Limited-Edition KING MIM Wedge?

By: November 9, 2020

It seems like launching a limited edition golf club on the week of the Masters Tournament is an unmissable marketing opportunity….in general…

Since we are in the middle of the coronavirus crisis we might say the limited-edition KING MIM Wedge will have limited exposure since guests and patrons will not be able to enter. So golfers will not able to test the Cobra Golf KING MIM Wedge and take it home as memorabilia.

In 2019, CBS Sports via Nielsen said 37.2 million viewers watched either the live coverage or the replay. Tiger Woods’ comeback Masters victory generated US$22.5 million in exposure to Nike.

Limited Edition Cobra Golf KING MIM Wedge--2020 Masters--hero-2

In general, ‘limited-edition’ would be a nice idea/ attempt to reinvigorate interest in Cobra Golf’s main products since it is not a low-end product. The Cobra KING MIM Wedge is on Golf Digest‘s 2020 Best Wedges list (“Gold” category).

Cobra Golf despite all of the constraints is trying to exploit the popularity of its KING MIM Wedge. It is the brand’s first fully Metal-Injection-Molded (MIM) 304 stainless steel head construction.

Limited Edition Cobra Golf KING MIM Wedge with a golf ball

Cobra Golf’s limited-edition KING MIM Wedge features a vintage copper PVD finish with paint-filled intricate laser etching that calls to mind Azaleas, White Dogwoods & Golden Bells

They told me the MIM manufacturing reduces the amount of post-process polishing to create the most precise shape.

These wedges are formed from a 304 stainless steel powder and sintered at an extremely high temperature (1340°), resulting in a tighter grain structure and the softest feel the industry’s ever seen.

Limited Edition Cobra Golf KING MIM Wedge Arccos Golf

What I really like Cobra Golf’s KING MIM Wedge is the Cobra Connect (powered by Arccos Golf). When I first wrote about Arccos Golf in 2014 Cobra Golf was the only golf brand utilizing and believing in its benefits and importance.

Today, PING, TaylorMade, and Tour Excellence Golf are among the partners of Arccos Golf.

Just to understand the business potential and the consumer trend. The fitness trackers’ market size was USD$ 14.57 billion in North America in 2019. It is expected to reach USD 91.98 billion by 2027.

This popularity will not leave untouched the golf trackers’ market. If you need more proof then check out the rising popularity of ‘smart driving range’ solutions (e.g. Toptracer Range, Inrange Golf, Trackman Range).

Limited-edition KING MIM Wedge – availability

To complete the design, the KING MIM Wedge features

  • a custom-designed green/yellow KBS Hi-Rev 125 shaft and
  • Lamkin Crossline Connect grip and
  • will be offered in a 56-degree loft for right-hand players only.

The Limited-Edition MIM Wedges are available now with a MAP price of $199 per wedge.