Befriend AI Golf putting aid to decrease your HCP!

By: November 1, 2021

Now I read that beginners and non-complete beginner golfers face 10 major challenges. One of their challenges is hit the putt. I am sure we can agree on that there is no annoying more than three or more putting. It alienates many of us, especially new golfers.

Before I achieved my first handicap many years ago, I remember none of the local PGA Pros of my golf club recommended any golf putting aid to master my putting skills.

With my head today, I see that I could have obtained my HCP much sooner if I had been offered easy-to-use golf putting aid like I use today (AI Golf). Six years ago, I tried Ojee Talon but it was not able to improve my putting.

It is very likely I won’t be able to hit more than 250 meters away. That’s why I decided to spend more time from now on improving my short game.

AI Golf The Greenkeeper putting aid first step

Today, I am going to share with you why I selected AI Golf and not something else. Furthermore, I will show you how to use it properly.

It is good to understand AI Golf is not a magic wand. You cannot avoid practicing a lot. You don’t necessarily need to pour hours into the practicing and become a ‘driving range rat’. However, you do need to practice smart and challenge yourself.

There’s no reason you can’t improve your putting. It’s the simplest swing you make; there are no bunkers, no out-of-bounds, no rough; you’re on a perfectly smooth surface, and the target is right there. 

Still, most golfers have a negative attitude. All you have to do is read the break, aim the face and start the ball on line.

AI Golf The Greenkeeper putting aid close look

Before I get started on how AI Golf, golf putting aid helped me to improve my putting, it’s worth summarizing the 5 most common putting mistakes:

  1. You have no routine.
  2. You practice the wrong putts.
  3. You have one style.
  4. You are too tense.
  5. You don’t aim it.

Out of these 5 common mistakes, AI Golf will help you to eliminate for sure

  1. To become less tense.
  2. Practice the right putts.
  3. Have your own routine.
  4. Aim it properly (but you still have to understand the topography of the golf course).

Why AI Golf can work for you?

AI Golf’s The Gatekeeper has been designed to fit any height on a putter shaft. The higher the device the less the ball will swing. A good stroke will be when the ball passes cleanly through the gate without contact. If the ball strikes the gate after initial stroke this is still a clean pass.

To practice face rotation, I recommend using the large ball. Start with short strokes. You will realize soon that the large ball has a small error margin which prevents a clean path through the gates if face angle is off.

So maybe start with the smallest ball and when you see improvement in your putting change to a bigger ball. In the package, you will find 3 different-sized pendulums for different skill levels.

You can practice even without the variable of the ball; the shaft will fix the ball in place while you use either the wings for a guide or just your putter head.

Believe it or not, this method gives you much more information and feedback on your putting skills and development than putting mirrors and other golf putting aids.

This article is brought to you by AI Golf.