How much added value does Bridgestone Golf’s OTTO (Autonomous Ball Fitting Cart) have?

By: January 26, 2022

Do you remember when I wrote that golf equipment manufacturers should not be product-focused, but rather consumer-centric? Customer centricity is about providing great experiences & meaningful moments at every stage of the customer journey.

That’s why I want to share with you now Bridgestone Golf’s OTTO (Autonomous Ball Fitting Cart) service. Designed to be both engaging and entertaining to use and informative at the same time, OTTO provides yet another easy way for players to find the right Bridgestone golf ball for their game. 

Bridgestone Golf OTTO at the driving range Flightscope

Stationed on a driving range, OTTO requires no more than a touch of the screen to get started, indicating your current gamer, and three driver swings to come up with a sound recommendation of which Bridgestone Golf ball is right for you. 

With each shot, OTTO provides carry and total distance, ball velocity, spin rate, and launch angle. After three shots, OTTO will audibly tell you which ball best fits your game based on your shot data.

Players can feel confident with the recommendation as Bridgestone Golf engineers utilized a wealth of ball fitting data to develop the algorithm used by OTTO, which is reliable and accurate every time.

If you watch carefully the photo above, you will see FlightScope is embedded in the box. Bridgestone Golf is using FlightScope Mevo+, a portable launch monitor and simulator.

Bridgestone Golf OTTO on mobile

Bridgestone Golf thinks it can be a good alternative to one-on-one sessions with a professional fitter or an impersonal fitting on Bridgestone Golf’s website. 

The following questions and doubts arose in me:

  • Who will analyze and interpret the data? Or it will be no-brainer….
  • How can OTTO compete with golf ball fitting experts?

OTTO will be available at Bridgestone Golf’s strategic events and golf course partners for the remainder of 2022 and beyond. OTTO is free to use and offers the option of emailing fitting results.

Bridgestone Golf OTTO vs Titleist Tour Level Fitting vs PING Ballnamic

Meanwhile, Titleist is offering a virtual, one-on-one golf ball consultation with an expert to determine which ball could be the best choice. The highest level golf ball fitting at Titleist is the Tour Level Fitting. For this purpose, they use TrackMan launch monitors.

PING is also offering a virtual golf ball fitting solution/service: Ballnamic: Golfers who have launch monitor data can enter their ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates. 

Bridgestone Golf OTTO screen close look