What are the 3 major changes in the new Titleist AVX golf ball?

By: March 14, 2022

I see Titleist holding itself to launch new Titleist AVX golf balls every two years. We have now reached the third generation of Titleist AVX golf balls.

The Titleist product development team tried to meet the following expectations of golfers:

  • incredible distance and feel;
  • enhancing greenside spin.

Let’s see what they did to meet these expectations!

Titleist AVX golf ball packshot golf course

Titleist AVX golf ball in 2022

  • New reforumalated core generates high speed and low long game spin to drive more distance with exceptionally soft feel. This technology decreases driver and long game spin + increases stiffness of the outermost portions of the core +High Flex Casing layer promotes high ball speed and low spin on long shots for enhanced distance.
  • New softer cover contributes to increased greenside spin and control. The new cover increases the soft (urethane cover) over hard (high flex casing) differential which contributes to improved short game and greenside spin.
  • New 348 tetrahedral catenary aerodynamic dimple pattern delivers a piercing, low trajectory while providing a consistent ball flight on all shots: 7 dimple sizes. The new pattern is longer and more consistent. Designed exclusively for the low flight window of Titleist AVX golf balls.
Titleist AVX golf ball technology
Titlesit AVX golf balls. Price & Availability

Titleist AVX golf balls are offered in both white and high optic yellow and are available in golf shops worldwide. Titleist  AVX golf balls can also be customized through the My Titleist customizer at:  https://www.titleist.com/custom.

Titleist AVX golf ball in play