12 technologies in the new ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoes for advanced performance

By: September 7, 2022

I’m trying to describe what it feels like to play in ECCO golf shoes and what comes to mind. Maybe it’s like playing on a Tom Doak-designed golf course. In short, minimalist, elegant, and very comfortable.

That’s why I’m so interested in every new ECCO golf shoe. Last time I shared with you that Lydia Ko joined the design team to create a custom version of the brand-new ECCO BIOM G5 shoe as part of the brand’s AW22 collection.

Now I would like to detail the 12 technologies that support the new ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoes. Many of these technologies you will not even notice during your game.

ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoe easy game

ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoes – 12 technologies

ECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Comfort Technology

This ground-breaking technology is unique to ECCO GOLF in the golf industry and has enabled the creation of durable and reliable golf shoes.

Utilizing robotic precision, the pioneering technology allows a resilient, shock-absorbent material to be directly injected into the shoe mold as a liquid, bonding the sole to the upper instantly and seamlessly, without compromising flexibility and wear common with glued or stitched assemblies.


I first encountered Phorene with ECCO Golf Street 10 golf shoes in 2020. PHORENE™ offers lightweight dynamic power and trail-grabbing torque. Leveraged from ECCO’s proprietary FLUIDFORM™ technology, the ultra-light PHORENE™ increases the shock absorption and energy return of traditional MS.PU.

ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoe sole

It creates a Polyurethane (PU) moulded midsole with multiple zones of different rigidity to ensure the right balance of cushioning and stability exactly where you need it; from the first tee shot right through to the final putt and beyond.

You have already met ZONAL FLUIDFORM TECHNOLOGY in the ECCO S-THREE golf shoes in 2020.


It enables the foot to move and flex in its natural way, allowing proper torsion. By shifting your landing from the heel to the mid-foot.

It allows your foot muscles to move more naturally, eliminating any discomfort and reducing your chance of injury.

ECCO BIOM G5 BOA technology

Utilizing innovative zone technology, ECCO TRI-FI-GRIP™ is engineered to support every aspect of your golf game. With three different zones – one for stability, another for durability, and a third for rotational support – the outsole supports you throughout your swing.


ECCO MTN GRIP is engineered to support every aspect of your game. With three different zones – one for stability, another for durability, and the third for rotational support – the outsoles assist you from backswing to follow-through.

Two T.PU elements on the side provide lateral stability and link the sole unit to the lace system via X-TENSA INVISIBLE Technology, internal enforcement for 360° stability, and a glove-like fit.

Thanks to its durable T.PU construction, ECCO MTN-GRIP can be enjoyed on and off the fairways. This technology is also used in ECCO BIOM H4 & ECCO BIOM C4.

ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoe bunker shot
ECCO Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS)

It is an award-winning patented hybrid outsole design that provides more than 800 traction angles for excellent grip in all playing conditions.

Constructed from highly durable, wear-resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane (T.PU) and consisting of approximately 100 moulded traction bars, the sole unit is extremely lightweight, flexible, and shock absorbent.

Its low profile allows the golfer to stay closer to the ground for great stability and traction.

The E-DTS™ TWIST outsole is a new spin on the award-winning ECCO DYNAMIC TRACTION SYSTEM™, which provides multi-directional traction and features enlarged and rotated traction bars for improved

ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoe in total

For me, these technologies were the most interesting and the most important. You can read about the other technologies in the ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoes and about this model in general here.

Pricing – ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoes

  • RRP, Standard Men, and Women: £210
  • RRP, Men and Women BOA: £220
ECCO BIOM G5 golf shoe sketch drawing