Who benefits from the partnership better, Soil Scout or Bernhard and Company?

By: April 26, 2023

In 2019 I was invited to give a keynote presentation at the annual conference of the Finnish Golf Club Managers & the Finnish Golf Federation. During the event, I met with Jalmari Talola (CEO, Soil Scout).

I found Soil Scout very interesting for several reasons. One of the reasons was Soil Scout is a real-time wireless soil monitoring solution. The other reason was Husqvarna’s investment in this Finnish start-up company.

They recently signed an exclusive distribution partnership – in England, Scotland, and Waleswith Bernhard and Company is another major milestone in the life of Soil Scout.

Soil Scout Bernhard and Company partnership 2023 group photo

Turf technologies are not new for the company. Bernhard and Company is already offering turf technologies such as SubAir and Turf Breeze solutions.

Bernhard and Company are, of course, already synonymous with the Soil Scout brand, having installed the solution worldwide on numerous occasions on behalf of their partner, leading subsurface and moisture management solution, SubAir Systems.

Most recently and successfully installing multiple soil monitoring sensors in all eight of the stadium venues for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Soil Scout is expecting from this partnership that

  • they will be able to serve all of their current and future clients more effectively;
  • creating lots of new opportunities with potential customers through this new and exclusive distribution channel.

Soil Scout’s UK Sales and Sports Turf Specialist, Nick Durkin said

We have been working with Bernhard and Company for some time thanks to our relationship with SubAir Systems, and I am excited to continue growing this relationship and provide world leading turf management solutions together.”

Soil Scout Bernhard and Company partnership 2023