How does John Deere train its dealer network for its precision turf technology?

By: June 8, 2023

Like in service or communication personalization, data collection is essential in boosting productivity and efficiency.

It’s becoming increasingly common to hear discussions around the use of IoT sensors and GPS tracking to make more informed decisions when it comes to turf management.

StartUs Insights say satellite technology and the Internet of Things have the biggest impact on precision turf management.

Greenkeepers rely on IoT solutions, such as Soil Scout, to make informed decisions about the best pesticides and fertilizers to use in order to achieve optimal efficiency, monitor weather conditions, and take control of turf-growing processes.

Last year I told you about John Deere trying to combine the capabilities of JDLink with cloud-based management software and electrified machines to empower greenkeepers and golf clubs to be more sustainable and efficient.

John Deere_TURF_Precision_Turf_Visual_Splitscreen_final copy

Recently, more than 50 John Deere dealers were invited to Golfpark Kurpfalz. It is a renowned German complex largely maintained using John Deere machinery.

Chris Meacock, Division Sales Manager for Golf and Turf, said:

“This event was a chance for the dealer network to see all our precision turf technology in action, working together to demonstrate the advantages of GPS-driven accuracy.”

The training centered on the direct impact of precision applications on reducing inputs while increasing accuracy and productivity through efficiency gains.

Dealers were shown how mowers and compact tractors equipped with John Deere’s satellite-steering AutoTrac technology can reduce overlaps and fuel consumption.

HD200 Progator sprayers demonstrated their ability to place fertilizers and herbicides in exactly the right place, avoiding spraying non-target areas and wastage. Accuracy can be measured down to 2.5cm.

The advantages of accurately mapping a course’s tees, greens, fairways, bunkers, and paths were presented using Starfire GPS receivers, and dealers were given further training in how the data produced could be accessed and tailored for course managers using the John Deere Operations Center.