How does the NEXT Golf Tour by Trackman get you on the DP World Tour?

By: August 30, 2023

Recently, it seems that more individuals are inclined towards purchasing experiences rather than material possessions. This is probably one reason companies like Apple focus on experiences and less on features.

If you sell “things,” you can only win on price or specs. It is also good to notice that customer decisions are mostly made emotionally.

This is why it is smart always to highlight the “emotion” when selling the experience. The experiences that matter to customers should be chosen.

This is exactly what Trackman was doing when it agreed with the European Tour Group. Trackman has developed a unique and memorable golfing experience that efficiently showcases the benefits of using their product.

European Tour Group NEXT Golf Tour Powered by Trackman_resized

Trackman has agreed with the European Tour group to see the Order of Merit winner on the NEXT Golf Tour receive invites to play in DP World Tour and Challenge Tour events in 2024.

The 2024 NEXT Golf Tour champion will receive invitations to 3 Challenge Tour tournaments and 1 DP World Tour tournament during the 2024 season. The details on which specific tournaments the winner will compete in will be announced later.

The NEXT Golf Tour by Trackman

The NEXT Golf Tour is a new professional golf tour for women and men played on Trackman simulators, bringing all the skill and intensity of tournament competition to the great indoors.

During the inaugural season, 994 players from 41 countries competed in six 18-hole stroke play tournaments and took home a combined $834,000 in prize money.

Season Two will feature more events, larger purses, and other enhancements beginning in November.