Where else could Club Car’s successful partnership with the DP World Tour expand?

By: February 28, 2024

Club Car has served as a supplier to the Tour since 1999, providing indispensable vehicles for the staging of DP World Tour events worldwide.

The DP World Tour has just announced the continuation of its cooperation with Club Car. Club Car remains an Official Supplier to the DP World Tour.

Club Car DP World Tour extended partnership 2024

Max Hamilton, Group Commercial Director of the DP World Tour, added:

Club Car has been a trusted partner for over two decades and their products are vital to the smooth operation of our tournaments.

Their global distribution network and excellent local support service make them the ideal partner for a Tour that plays in 24 countries. We look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Offer value-added services!

It is essential for golf cart manufacturers to provide additional services to their clientele, including golf clubs and golf tournament organizers. The significance of providing complimentary services or extras that add value to the customer experience is increasingly gaining momentum.

By offering these additional services, manufacturers can exceed customer expectations and enhance their overall experience. As such, it is imperative for manufacturers to not only meet customer demands but also to exceed them by providing added value services.

A very good example of this is the IOTee technology solution used at last year’s Ryder Cup, which enabled keyless golf cart usage. It made the golf cart usage convenient, easy, and fast.

By the end of the Ryder CupIOTee had registered and allocated individual access codes and RFID wristbands to over 800 people

Another interesting statistic is that IOTee stored over 44,000 individual ride records throughout the rental period.

Added-value service ideas for Club Car
  • Data-driven services – by adding sensors to golf carts, you can collect usage, fuel/electricity consumption, speed, and other forms of data.
  • Golf cart data analytics – for customized services like predictive maintenance
  • In-car payment (e.g. IOTee),
  • Concierge service,
  • Usage-based insurance.