How will Shotzoom’s acquisition benefit Golf Genius and golfers?

By: February 29, 2024

For those who are not yet familiar with Golfshot ($29.99), I will quickly summarize what this mobile application can do.

Golfshot provides a text list of distances for several targets on each hole and overhead satellite images with the ability to zoom and pan on each hole. The scorecards’ design, statistics, and the ability to view the data on either your mobile device or online on your computer.

This application has many advantages, but one significant weakness is its high smartphone battery consumption. Therefore, it is important to consider this factor before using the application extensively.

The importance of added-value services

Yesterday, I highlighted the significance of added-value services. And today, I am thrilled to present you with an outstanding example of how such services can elevate the customer experience.

Modern marketers like Golf Genius really need an engagement loop today — driven by value-added services

Golf Genius Shotzoom acquistion Golfshot Plus 2024

Bold marketers will prioritize cultivating long-term customer relationships and fostering communities. This can be accomplished by delivering value-added services throughout each touchpoint of the customer journey.

By inserting meaningful touchpoints, marketers can demonstrate their dedication to their customers and build trust and loyalty.

Golf Genius acquired Shotzoom

Golf Genius has just acquired Shotzoom, the owner of both Golfshot and CoachNow. Shotzoom will continue to grow the existing Golfshot and CoachNow brands while operating as a division of Golf Genius.

Golfshot has over 8 million registered users, more than 45% of whom play outside the United States. At the same time, CoachNow is recognized as the leading platform for coaches in golf and over 50 other sports worldwide.

Through this acquisition, a range of tangible outcomes will emerge to improve the experience for golfers, PGA Professionals, and coaches, including integrating CoachNow into Golf Genius Coach 360 to create a combined coaching platform and further investments into Golfshot’s player performance capabilities.