Is the WebFit application reliable for personalizing the new PING s159 wedges?

By: February 15, 2024

Last December, when I introduced you to Wilson FIT AI, I emphasized that golf equipment manufacturers are to focus on buying outcomes and not just on technology.

In the case of PING, the marketer tries to simplify the process of finding a wedge that fits the golfer. At the same time, they would like to educate us on why a particular grind is best for you.

I expect that more and more golf equipment manufacturers will introduce added-value services to exceed expectations. By offering added-value services, they aim to create an exceptional experience and provide even greater value with each purchase.

Now, let’s see how helpful PING WebFit is in choosing the most suitable PING s159 wedge for our game. RRP: €215 per club with stock steel shaft; €225 per club with stock graphite shaft.

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PING s159 wedges – details

Yesterday, PING introduced its latest golf equipment, the PING s159 wedges. The wedges are the next-generation specialized equipment designed to help golfers achieve greater spin and control when navigating greens.

The PING s159 wedges are offered in 25 loft/grind combinations and are available for custom fitting and pre-sell begun yesterday at authorized PING golf shops worldwide.

The 8620 carbon steel head is cast to an eye-pleasing shape with a straighter lead edge, a design feature especially beneficial on full shots. An elastomer insert behind the face contributes to the soft and responsive feel.

At address, the compact head features an improved hosel transition with a constant offset that blends seamlessly into the new Blueprint S and T irons.

Golfers can choose PING’s proven Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish or Midnight, a new darker option with an attractive, anti-glare appearance.

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Wheel-cut grooves are precision-milled to help ensure consistency while minimizing the variations in spin in various conditions, leading to more control. The 54-to-62-degree options feature more tightly spaced MicroMax grooves. The 46-to-52-degree wedges are milled for greater control on full shots. 

From a spin comparison standpoint, the PING s159 wedges deliver strong results in the company’s much acclaimed “wet to dry” test.

Performed in a controlled environment, hitting 50-yard shots indoors with moisture applied to the face and ball is a key factor in validating on-course performance. 

WebFit Wedge app – is it reliable

I personally prefer Wilson FIT AI over PING WebFit because I doubt that what golfers provide information in their feedback is reliable and accurate enough compared to solutions based on AI and sensor technology.

Advanced technology has the potential to produce precise and dependable data to aid in golf-related decision-making.

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Essence of the application

Golfers answer a series of questions about their short game, including their typical playing conditions and technique, which results in two grind suggestions.

They can then take those recommendations to a club fitter who can help validate them and fine-tune the wedge specs. 

PING s159 wedges – specifications

  • New “H” or Half-Moon Grind: A shot-saving option for players with steeper angles of attack who like to manipulate the handle and play with versatility. It performs best in softer conditions. Available in 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°
  • New “B” Grind: For a shallow angle of attack and neutral face delivery. Low-bounce design sits low on the turf on square-face shots, providing forgiveness via the sole width to deliver score-lowering performance in firmer conditions. Available in 58°, 60°
  • “T” Grind: The most versatile option allows players to manipulate the face for shot-making precision around the greens. Ideal for medium to firm turf conditions, includes a 62-degree option at the request of our tour pros for more versatility. Available in 58°, 60°, 62° (new)
  • “W” Grind: Maximum forgiveness through the turf. Best fits a steep angle of attack who might also have a lot of handle lean and a player who prefers the look of a specialty wedge but relies on a little more forgiveness in their scoring clubs. Available in 54°, 56°, 58°, 60° 
  • “E” or Eye2 Grind: Continues to be the ultimate bunker club, carrying on a 40-year tradition of helping golfers get up and down from the sand. It plays with relatively low bounce on square or slightly open-face shots. Available in 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°
  • “S” Grind: Fits a wide variety of conditions and techniques. Designed with ample bounce in the mid-section to play full shots and provides greenside versatility due to heel/trail edge relief.  New 48-degree option helps in gapping. Available in 46°, 48° (new), 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°
  • STOCK SHAFTS: PING Z-Z115 wedge; PING Alta CB Black (SR, R, S)
  • OPTIONAL STOCK SHAFTS: PING AWT 2.0 (R, S, X), Dynamic Gold Mid 100 (R300, S300), Dynamic Gold (S300, X100), Dynamic Gold Mid 115 (S300, X100), Dynamic Gold (S300, X100),Dynamic Gold 105 (R300, S300), Dynamic Gold 120 (S300, X100), KBS Tour (R, S, X), Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 105 (R, S, X), Elevate MPH 95 (R, S), UST Recoil Dart 65 (A), 75 (R, S), ALTA Quick (35, 45)
  • STOCK GRIP: PING 360 Dyla-Wedge Lite grip
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