The Aphrodite Hills Resort has added 72 new Club Car golf carts to its fleet!

By: March 13, 2024

After 14 years, it was time to say goodbye to the Club Car Precedents golf carts at the Aphrodite Hills Resort in Cyprus.

The outgoing golf cart fleet has clocked up around 1.8 million kilometers since 2010.

Aphrodite Hills Resort new Club Car golf carts
The new Club Car Tempo cars at Aphrodite Hills Resort, Cyprus

The 5-star Cyprus venue estimates a 10-fold return on investment for the Club Car Precedents bought 14 years ago, with each of the 72 cars having between 25,000 – 30,000km on the clock.

After driving the equivalent of 45 times around the globe, the old fleet has been replaced by Club Car’s state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion Tempo model, complete with Visage GPS technology.

Andrew Darker, Aphrodite Hills’ Director of Golf, explained:

“As a big resort the geo-fencing function is a great asset to have, and the lithium batteries are making a huge difference with shorter charging time, lasting longer and being more powerful, which is a big plus on our terrain.”

When I visited there in 2021, I got to see the steep roads right next to the golf course, which showed me the advantages of Club Car golf carts.

Aphrodite Hills Resort golf course with a view

Club Car’s highly-acclaimed Tempo model has a 3.3hp motor and 375 Amp controller as standard to deliver outstanding hill-climbing power and acceleration.

It also has many customizable options, including color, seats, storage, wheels, and three programmable drive modes to maximize performance.

The Lithium-Ion-powered model is more efficient than standard batteries, with shorter charging time, longer lifespan, and zero maintenance. It is also lighter, resulting in less impact on turf.

My advice

Unfortunately, quite a few have yet to realize that the golf car fleet can not only fulfill a comfort function but could even be a new source of revenue.

With a small investment, you could make golfing even more comfortable and memorable for the guests of Aphrodite Hills Resort. What do I mean?

A proper golf cart fleet management solution should focus on the fundamental aspects of fleet management, prioritizing essentials like cart access and booking capabilities.

Such a solution is an IOTee that can enable your golf club guests to comfortably access the golf carts even before/after normal working hours, such as for twilight rounds or early morning tees.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re interested, as I’d be thrilled to introduce you to the IOTee team.