Unleash your full potential with the new Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedge!

By: March 20, 2024

To all Wilson Staff fans and those who are struggling with their game, this message is for you. Wilson Golf will launch its new Wilson Staff ZM Wedges on April 2. The new wedges have been available for presale on Wilson.com since yesterday.

Don’t let the name—Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedges—mislead you. They’re perfect for golfers of all skill levels. The ZM stands for Zip Manufactured.

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The new Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedge’s idea is to give you even more control and spin when you’re playing on and around the greens. The proven forged 8620 carbon steel was used for this.

What seems to be new in the Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedges are

  • They are designed with a straighter leading edge and an elevated center of gravity to improve trajectory control in the higher lofted wedges.
  • As the lofts increase, a new progressive CG design exists to promote a more consistent and controlled ball flight.

I have just noticed that the grooves are milled deeper than Wilson’s previous wedges.

Bob Thurman, Global General Manager of Golf and Vice President of Research & Development at Wilson, explains:

“The CG change increases the mass on the section of the head from having a flat surface on a 50 ̊ to 52 ̊; more mass is then added on the 54 ̊to 56 ̊, and even more has been added from the 58 ̊ to 60 ̊options.”

Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedge_Stamey-10
Wilson Staff Model ZM HT Wedges

A high-toe offering, the Wilson Staff Model ZM HT, launches alongside the lineup and is distinguished
by a high toe shaping, wide sole construction, and full-face grooves.

The ZM HT model infuses the same performance features as the Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedges, allowing the golfer to attack more pins and stop them on a dime.

The ZM HT is available in right-handed 56° and 60° loft options, with 64° available through custom

Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedges – Availability & Pricing

The new Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedges will be available in six loft options – 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°
and 60° with 46° and a 48°
available through custom order.

Golfers can select between various bounce options in the 56°, 58°, and 60° lofts. All lofts are available right-handed, and 52°, 56°, and 60° are also available left-handed.

  • Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner WG (128g)
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • Both models cost $149.99 USD ($199.99 CAD).
Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedge technology_52_Tech02.png.high-res